Split Test Your Way To Success

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One of the most important things you can do in marketing is split testing. You should split test your sales pages, your optin pages, your ads, your emails and every other component of your funnel. It can make the difference between a campaign that makes money and one that doesn’t.

So What Is Split Testing?

Split testing is when you test different versions of each component in your marketing to see which performs better. There are two kinds of split testing. A/B testing and multivariate split testing. In this article we will discuss A/B testing which is a lot more simple and easier to In A/B split testing you test one element of your copy at a time.

Let’s say you are looking are looking to find people that want to want to start a home based business and the startup investment is $500. You have $1,000 budget to spend on traffic. You don’t know anything about split testing so you spend all your money sending traffic to Ad A.

You get a lot of response but here’s the problem. Everybody that responds is looking for a Work at Home Job. They want you to hire them and pay them a salary. None of them have any money to invest in a home based business. You just wasted $1,000.

But what if you had split tested?

Instead of spending all your money on Ad A you run two ads. You spend $50 on traffic and send it to Ad A. You spend another $50 on traffic and send it to Ad B Ad A gets you a bunch of people that are looking for a Work at home job and want you to pay them a salary. Ad B is a mix, some are looking for a job but others are open to looking at a home based business. Ad B is your winner, also know as “The Control” You discard Ad A and try to improve on Ad B.

So now you do this …

Ad A was you winner from the last split test and got you some pretty good results You now take $50 and run traffic to Ad A and another $50 and run traffic to Ad B. Once again you get mixed results with Ad A . Some of them only want a job and others are open to a home based business. Ad B is MUCH Better. They ALL want a Home Based Business. You are ecstatic .. at first.

But here’s the problem …

Even though the prospects for Ad B want a Home Based business most of them don’t have any money to invest. They are looking for a Free Home based business. Time for another split test!

So now you do this …

Ad A is pretty good. The prospects are looking for a home based business and have a little money to invest. but not necessarily $500. Ad B is the CLEAR WINNER. The prospects are looking for a Home based business and have $500 to Invest. You have find the perfect ad! You take the rest of your ad budget, spend it on Ad B and live happily ever after.

I hope this article has been helpful. You should be split testing your optin pages, your sales pages your ads, your email subject lines and everything in between. Watch for further articles that go into further details on split testing. Oh, and Happy Split Testing!


Jeffry Civey

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