leadsNeed leads? We got em! MLM Leads generated by experienced Network Marketers for Network Marketers. These are people that are looking for a home based business NOW and are awaiting your call. We generate our own leads. If you have ever been disappointed by leads in the past you’re in for a real treat. These leads are fresh and you’re getting them directly from the source.

There are only a handful of companies that generate their own leads. We are one of them. Everybody else just buys leads from brokers and resells them. We generate them ourselves.

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prospectsAs you know … The lifeblood of any Network Marketing business is prospects. If you (and your team) aren’t talking to new people everyday your business isn’t growing … period.

So where do you find these people?

You can make your warm list and talk to your friends and family. But your Aunt Sally and Uncle Fred aren’t necessarily the best prospects for your business.

You can post about your business on Facebook. But after doing that several times your facebook friends start to get annoyed.

You can buy some advertising on your own. This can be very expensive if you don’t know that you’re doing.

Why not let the professionals do the advertising for you and send you the contact info of people that are looking for a home based business right now?

Get The Freshest MLM Leads Now!


leads2Buying quality leads, and teaching your team to do the same, is a great way to supplement your business building activities and get your team in action and talking to people.

The Warm Market will never go out of style. Social media sites like facebook are a great way to generate leads as well, although it can be time consuming. You can also do advertising co-ops with your team. Quality MLM Leads can supplement all of these activities and make sure that your pipeline is always full.

Get Your High Quality MLM Leads Direct From The Source


crappyWe feel your pain. Members of our team have been involved in the Network Marketing Industry for years. When it comes to buying leads we’ve seen it all …

We bought “Real Time Leads” that claimed to have been generated seconds before. Upon calling we were told that nobody by that name even lived there.

We bought “7 Day Leads” that claimed to have been generated 7 days before. Upon calling we were told that the person died 7 YEARS ago.

We bought “Semi Exclusive” leads that claim to only be shared with 2 or 3 other people. Upon calling we were told that they had already gotten numerous calls. Some prospects had even been called by people in the same MLM company as us!

We finally decided that the MLM Lead industry sucks and we had to do something about it.

Get Your Red Hot MLM Leads Now!


csAfter many years of experience generating leads in different verticals we decided to fill a void in the Network Marketing Industry. The need for quality MLM leads at an affordable price.

We Are The Prime Source – we generate leads ourself. We cut out the middlemen and the brokers in order to bring you the highest quality freshest lead at the best possible price.

We are Conversion Experts – we are constantly testing and tweaking our lead generation funnels to bring the cost per lead lower. We pass these savings on to our customers

We are Well Capitalized – In the advertising industry money talks. Our access to large amounts of capital allows us to negotiate much better prices on advertising. This brings our lead cost down as low as possible.

We understand Network Marketing .. because we have done it ourselves!

Get Your Red Hot MLM Leads Now!

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